Mrs. Protz's 2nd Grade Class 2010-2011

Our Premier Party Involved a
Lot of Learning and Some Refreshments!

     Students enjoyed getting to learn about watermelons in math today.  First students made predictions about how much they thought the watermelon weighed after they each had a turn picking up the watermelon.  Later we took the watermelon over to Nurse Patty's office and borrowed her scale.  Most students predicted the watermelon would way 40, 50, and even 100 pounds.  Most of the class thought it weighed more than them!  Students were a little surprised to find out it only weighed 13 pounds.  When we returned to the classroom, students tasted the watermelon and saved seeds for our watermelon spitting contest that we will have tomorrow.  We are going to use a nonstandard unit of measure to see how far each students spits the seed.  We are also going to do some science investigations with watermelons and writing.  Learning about watermelons sure is fun!  Thank you, Coach Woodard, for bringing us this tasty treat so we can have these fun math lessons!