No School Again Today - Mrs. Protz's 2nd Grade Class 2010-2011

Mrs. Protz's 2nd Grade Class 2010-2011

When we get a little snow in my neck of the woods, our world pretty much shuts down.  We have had 4-7 inches around these parts, and have been out of school for 3 days and will be out again tomorrow.  Boy do I dread making these days up.  I am glad that the kids have had a chance to play in the snow though.  We seldom get this much snow, and kids will have some memories that they don't normally get to create.  Even their teacher enjoyed getting to play!

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    My name is Annette Protz and this is my 12th year teaching.  All of my years have been in 2nd grade.  I am blessed to be part of Cleveland Elementary in Alabama.


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